FargoRate Rating

FargoRate is a date-driven, performance-based system that computes ratings for amateurs and professionals worldwide by coupling win/loss data across local leagues, states, regions, countries, and continents. All pool players everywhere, whether male or female, amateur or pro are rated on the same scale. A Fargo rating of 620 means the same thing in Halifax, Nova Scotia as it does in Phoenix, Arizona.

    800 – top world-class professional
    700 – top regional player in the US – threat to run six in a row if the break is working
    600 – likely to cash in the BCA Open division but probably won't make it to the top 32 –
              has run three-in-row multiple times and maybe four-in-a row a time or two.
    500 – good local league player; runs out first time at the table in about 10% of the games
    400 – runs out first time at the table in about 1% of the games (once or twice a season)
    300 – beginner league player
    200 – absolute beginner; may miscue frequently

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