BCA Rules
Rules-website is carolinasbca.com        BCA/Cue Sports Intl Rules
-3man team(have 5), 4man team(have 6), Playoffs will be 3 man team-Vegas is race to 13 with a 5 man team played on 2 tables at a time.
-3 man team(each player plays 6 games), 4-man team(each player plays 8 games)-8 ball.
-$10 a week to play. Please turn in $60 per team bf play starts or $80 if 4 man teams.
-$20 a year membership fee due 1st time you play. Once league starts-you are responsible for the full fee each week and if your team drops out your team is responsible for the entire dues for the whole session/you do not receive a payout.
-No teams can be added after a session starts; however you can be added to a team if players are needed.
-To qualify for Vegas you must play at least 8 weeks for 1 session(3 sessions per yr)-keep in mind the sooner you get 200 games, the better.
-Jr's can play. Players can be added at any time if a team needs a player and the team has not gone over the limit of players-you must contact operator ahead of time, players can not play until they are added into the system.
-200 games gives you an established FargoRate/the sooner you get to those 200 games, your FargoRate does not fluctuate as often.
-Only 1 player who is 700 or above allowed on a team/720 is considered a pro and not allowed to play in Vegas for the team, but can play in the US Open and 10 Ball Open in Vegas. 720 or above is allowed to play in league.
-One team goes to Vegas(top 2 teams and a wildcard earn a spot for playoffs-3 sessions). To maintain your spot for the playoffs, at least 2 of the original players must continue playing on your team until the playoffs. You will play at your rank from the first session you won a spot for the playoffs. As funds allow, the goal is to give the team that wins more than one session & the playoffs an extra $450.

-1) FIRST Download FargoRate app & sign in. Do not pay for it/ignore subscription. Mark your favorite teams.
-2) SECOND download the BCAPL scorer app and sign in with the same info you used to sign into the FargoRate App.
-3) THIRD never try to use the BCAPL app bf you have logged into the FargoRate app successfully.

-One player from each team keeps score. Each player should compare scores after each round to make sure you match. Make sure you match at the end of the night and submit the match. Adjustments to scores may be made after checking for errors each time matches are completed.
-If you do not have enough players-one player can play twice (A higher player can not play twice for a lower player). If you don't have a lower ranked player available, you must take a forfeit. Players are expected to play each week, you can not miss just so another player can play twice,-each player needs 200 games to be established. If you play twice, you pay twice. You can have 5 players so hopefully this is a non-issue. It is best not to play twice. It is recommended you have at least 4 players.
-Rack your own balls – legal rack opposing balls in the rear corners, opponent can inspect rack
-Must make 4 balls hit a rail when breaking-your inning ends or your opponent can re-rack & break or have you re-rack & break
-If your break is illegal, w or w/o foul your inning ends-your opponent can re-rack & break or have you re-rack & break
-Table open after the break- call pocket or point to pocket for each shot
-Scratch on the break-ball in hand anywhere on the table
-Jumped balls or illegally pocketed balls stay down but count for that players group of balls
-You can declare a safety-if you do not call a safety & you pocket an obvious shot-you keep shooting
-You can declare a safety & pocket your ball or any ball as long as you hit your suit first & then leave the cue ball hidden & your opponent must play from there because you called a safety.
-You get 1 point for balls made, & 1 point for opponents balls left on the table & 3 points for the 8 ball
-Do not remove balls from table after game is over until score is posted on the app by both players keeping score
-The system automatically gives 17 points for a forfeit
-It is recommended to play each game in order, but if you play out of round make sure score is put in right place
-Call pocket-failure to call pocket is foul & opponent gets ball in hand-cannot use phrase ”just in case,” etc.
-If you call pocket & your ball goes in a different pocket you lose your turn-no ball in hand for this.
-No time outs, no coaching allowed-when your opponent is shooting you may talk to teammates.
-No practice during the match, no make up matches, you can pre-play matches.
-If other balls jumped off table-balls stay down.
-Should your team win the $6,000 for the Vegas trip-you do not receive the money unless you go to Vegas & you can take 6 players, if you do not take 6 players-it is $1,000 per player (5 players have to play in Vegas.)

-Choose these on the scoring app
    BR (Break n Run)-Breaking & clearing all the balls,
    TR (Table Run) –non-breaking player wins by clearing all balls first turn at the table.
    WZ (Win-Zip) -Hold your opponent to (0) points but does not have a BR or TR
    WF (Win by Forfeit)
-Pocket the 8 ball on the break & do not foul – spot the 8 & accept the table in position or re-rack & break again.
-Pocket the 8 ball on the break & foul – your inning ends-opponent may spot the 8 & take ball in hand anywhere or re-rack & break.
Loss of Game (winner gets 10 points plus a point for each opponent's balls left on the table)
    a. you illegally pocket the 8 ball.
    b. you jump the 8 ball off the table on any shot other than the break.
    c. you pocket the 8 ball on the same shot as the last ball of your group
    d. you pocket the 8 ball on a shot defined as not obvious that you do not call.
    e. you commit a foul & the 8 ball falls into a pocket.
Not a loss of Game - if you scratch or foul on the 8 ball & the 8 ball is not pocketed-it is ball in hand to opponent.

-Currently (subject to change), top 2 teams each session make the playoffs & 1 wildcard per session (3 sessions). Should your team win the $6,000 Vegas trip, a majority team decision must be made as to whether to play in the championship in Vegas or keep the winnings and split it. If the team decides to play in Vegas: if a player decides not to go, they will not receive a portion of the payout because it is given to the player that replaces them for Vegas. Players rates must not exceed 2750 including subs. 5 players in Vegas. You can not sub a high player for a low player. The league at this time pays for 6 players in Vegas but if other players want to go at their expense, you can take 8 players however, Vegas works better with a 6 team roster.

You can go to Vegas regardless if your team wins or not & play Scotch Doubles, Singles (8&9), 8&9 ball team, ladies team, mini tournaments. Team that wins Vegas / if your players do not have 200 games, you are subject to BCA placing you in a higher division than originally signed up for.

Check stats weekly on the FargoRate App or at https:lms.fargorate.com/publicreport/alldivisions -go to Carolinas BCA & your team name.

Have fun and enjoy playing
>>> Click Here for a PDF version of the BCA Rules<<<